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Our wood paneling is 3/4 inch tongue and groove wood in widths from 3 inches to 8 inches and varying lengths.  We carry a variety of wood paneling.

Aspen is ideal for adding brightness and openness to a room.  Lighten up corners and dark hallways with this favorite.  It's appearance never yellows.  Aspen has a medium density that promotes its use in almost any area of your home.

Black Ash is certainly among the most dense and durable wood panels available.  Its short, tight grain creates a maze-like flow to each wood panel.  Use this paneling to cover any wall in any location to provide long lasting beauty and durability.

Baby Log Cedar commonly recognized for its use in clothing closets and Finnish saunas, makes for a real conversation piece of beauty in any home location.  The "baby log" rounded finish really adds character to a wall in addition to the wood's natural knotty texture and colorful grain.

Hickory is a hardwood most commonly used to manufacture tool handles.  Its hard and durable characteristics make it a great wall and ceiling paneling in high traffic areas.  The distinct combination of light and dark coloration provide a lifelong beauty and unique interest to any wall.

Butternut makes a delightful wall paneling.  Its light weight and softer density make it ideal for ceilings and lower traffic areas.  Each board has a distinct character that includes combinations of short grain, small knots, and long grain textures. 

Cherry is usually recognized for making fine furniture.  As a paneling, it is a strong, dense wood that holds its original texture and character for a lifetime.  Its exceptionally attractive light-to-dark reddish brown color and its distinctive grain pattern creates a wall or ceiling that is simply striking!

Beaded Cherry has all of the characteristics of Cherry in addition to a preference for boards displaying tiny knots on the wood surface.  Its appearance is even further enhanced by creating a shorter width between panel grooves.  This panel can provide a lower wall wainscot-like appearance.

Red Oak has been recognized for generations as the #1 choice for home flooring based on its combined beauty, hardness and resistance to wear.  These same characteristics also make it a great wall and ceiling covering in areas where traffic and heavy activity are likely.  Then again, you might just like how it looks.

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